Bigger ( A Nod to David Riley)

Life is bigger.  Bigger than you, bigger than me.

There is only change – the evolution of life – of Universal existence as a whole, flowing.

Layers and layers of complexity. Systems with positive and negative feedback, always changing.

Constant exploring, challenges, responses, and adaptations.

For the good of all, not the individual.

And you are a part of all of this.

Buddhism teaches that our small selves are an insignificant flash in the sky, with fragility comparable to that of a water bubble that expands, shimmers momentarily, and then pops.

Through deep meditation and insight we can learn to view the world from a higher vantage point and stop seeing everything from the selfish point of the ego-self (samsara).

This is only important if you want to stop or minimize your stress and suffering.  You really can learn to see the beauty and magic of it all, but that’s up to you.  The universe doesn’t insist that you suffer, but it will continue whatever your choice.

A water bubble popped this weekend, one that I came to know over the internet through blogging several years back.  David Riley was the author of and several other blogs.  David understood the interconnectedness of life and shared it with many.  I am grateful.

From his last post on The Endless Further:

“Reality is.  Just is.  Unmade.  Indeterminable.  Non-dual.  The ultimate reality is a whole, the whole of everything.  That is why everything is Buddha and anyone can be Buddha.”

Thank you David (Buddha).


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