No Blame


When we stop blaming a bit of magic occurs.  The mind’s default network (the standard mind process of the ego) stops looking for something or someone outside of us as the cause for what is happening in our experience of life.  We then tend to see things more objectively. Opportunities and choices we never saw begin to appear.

Taking 100% responsibility for your life will bring on tremendous change.  Try it.  Begin by committing to listening to your mind-speak for an entire day.  Listen to the stories you tell – the stories that are blaming others or circumstances for the way you feel and experience life.  Quietly say to yourself “100%”. You don’t need to argue with yourself or make a big deal of it, just think “100%”.  Try one day and then another until it becomes habit.

This universe is filled with possibility.  Open your eyes, stop blaming, and be responsible.

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