Grievance Looking For a Cause


There is a process in our mind, a process that keeps us alive, but it is always looking for trouble.  Some call it a grievance looking for a cause.  This process is  always scanning and searching for trouble.  “What was that movement?”… “Why did they give me that look?”…”He is being lazy and not doing his share.”

The problem is that this process is ongoing and constant.  It is never complete.  After finding one “problem”, it begins looking for another.  Imagination often gets involved and we see problems that aren’t even there.  The perpetual complainer and the overly cautious doubter, they both suffer from an overactive process in the mind that is looking for something wrong.  If you leave this unattended you may find yourself unhappy and making others unhappy as well.

To overcome the negative effects of this aspect of our mind, we don’t need to banish it, we simply need to be mindful.  Observe carefully and don’t become victim to it.  It creates a void that is never filled – a process that is never complete.  Watch it from a distance.

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