As a species we can send rockets into space, speak around the world on cell phones, and peer into galaxies far away.  With all of our great achievements, why is it that we aren't happy?  Why is there so much suffering?

We can leave this as a rhetorical question or we can look deeply.  How many years of study do we put into our careers versus the amount of time we put into looking into our mind?  How much effort is put into industrialization and automation of our lives as compared to developing the areas that really bring happiness?

Most of us don't really look at this too deeply.  Instead we hide from our insecurity and emotional turmoil.  We try to seek refuge in momentary pleasures or through avoidance tactics - alcohol, drugs, and sex just to name a few.  Unfortunately we suffer.

I invite each of you to spend some time looking at your mind.  Take responsibility for your thoughts, your beliefs, and your world.  Explore, meditate, and reflect.  What brings true happiness?

5 Practices for Nurturing Happiness by Thich Nhat Hanh

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