Simplicity - An Introduction

There are uncountable facets to our mind.  Life is complicated and confusion can be great.  Buddhism offers a simple path to discerning what is important and reducing suffering.  It offers a path to creating a world of peace and harmony.  In particular,  the six paramitas (perfections) offer an easy to understand process to awakening.

1.  The Perfection of Generosity: Begin with generosity and learn to see others as your equal. Being generous includes not only your money but your time and attention as well.
2.  The Perfection of Ethical Conduct teaches us to respect all of life.  The five basic precepts are a good beginning.
     a.  Do not kill - respect life.
     b.  Do not take what is not given - respect other's property.
     c.  Do not abuse sexual contact - avoid the emotional and mental turbulence of sexual misconduct.
     d.  Do not speak falsely - promote trust and honesty.
     e.  Abstain from intoxicants - remain clear headed.
3.  The Perfection of Patience prevents us from committing regrettable acts due to anger and rage.
4.  The Perfection of Joyful Effort keeps us going.  Gratitude and enthusiasm help to shield us from the draining effect of negative emotions.
5.  The Perfection of Concentration prevents us from getting lost in the samsara and distractions of the world.  Our thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming when we are unable to focus and concentrate.
6.  The Perfection of Wisdom allows us to see clearly how the world operates.  We begin to see that we are responsible for our world.  The world doesn't happen to us, it come from us.

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