On Your Worst Days

Whatever generosity, 
Whatever offerings to the Buddhas and the like,
The positive deeds I've amassed over thousands of eons,
One moment of hatred will devastate them all
                                                                       ~ Shatideva

We all have bad days and our bad days can be more important than our good days.  One act of passion, one act of anger or hatred, can destroy a relationship forever.  For this reason it is important that we are not slaves to our destructive emotions.

Along with deep mindfulness, vows are a great way to keep from performing regretful acts or creating negative karma.  When you take vows, when you make a promise to yourself and the universe, you and the world you experience begin to change.  It may start slowly, you may not notice at first, but everything changes.

Today I will be generous.
Today I will not criticize,blame, or judge others.
Today I will seek  to have understanding and compassion.
Today I will not act out of fear or selfishness.  I will not create negative karma.

Repeat your vows when you wake and repeatedly through the day.  Repeat them until they are ingrained in your mind.  When you feel a destructive emotion, stop.  Do not act from this place.  Breathe deeply, say a mantra; whatever, just do not act from hate, fear, or selfishness.  NO BAD KARMA. Try keeping the vows above for a minimum of at least 21 days.  21 days of new behavior can create new habits and rewire your brain.

Continue to bring mindfulness to every moment and come from a place of love and compassion. Focus upon the last vow.  No matter what happens, even on your worst days, no matter what you think or feel....DO NOT ACT OUT OF ANGER, FEAR, OR HATE.  If someone disrespects you, breathe deeply and choose love over anger.  If you feel hurt or fear, breathe deeply and choose love.  If you feel self loathing, choose self compassion and love.  

Not every day will be great, not every day will feel warm and fuzzy, but when you stop reacting from your fearful ego you will stop creating more chaos and things will begin to settle down in your world.
No bad karma.

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