Take Care of Your Own

"Take care of your own." A trite statement that seems to make sense.  Sounds good on the surface. A mantra - easy to repeat and no thought necessary.  Not bad advice, why wouldn't you take care of your own?

The question is where do you stop?  Where does your "own" begin and end?

When I see my little granddaughters Skylar and Kiersten, I see every little girl like them in this world.  Would I want any to suffer?  When I see the light in my wife's eyes, I see the tenderness, the hopes and joys of every wife, mother, and woman in the world.  Why wouldn't I wish happiness for them all?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of your own, but it doesn't have to be at the expense of others.  If we create a hostile world where it's us versus them then we put our very own children and others at risk.  If children grow up in a world with a scarcity mentality; where brute force is used to ensure the safety of a select few, then that is how they will learn to behave - even the dreaded "others".

In a world where all are cared for and protected, would there be terrorists and wars?  I may not be able to solve all of the world's ills and hostilities, but I do NOT want to contribute to the misery.  I do not want to create that sort of hell for my or anyone else's children.  I'm taking care of my own.

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  1. The word 'own' comes from the 'self'. The 'self' is the 'ego'. If you let go of your ego, then the self dissolves. Instead of caring for yourself, you start caring for every living thing you encounter.