Seeing Spots?

If you woke one morning and saw red spots everywhere you looked - in the sky, on the ground, and even upon your own face - would you believe something had happened overnight and the world was now spotted or would you question your perception?

If suddenly you heard a humming noise emitted from everywhere, even the mouths of those who spoke, would you believe that the world had changed in a day or would you question your perception?

Your brain is an organ like your eyes or ears.  When your view changes from positive to negative, when your outlook changes from optimistic to pessimistic, do you question the world or your view - the thoughts your brain is creating?

As a human we have the freedom to observe and change.  The human mind is a complicated thing.  Body chemistry, events, and conditions may trigger thoughts, moods, and emotions but we have the ability to override.  Deep looking, mindfulness, loving kindness meditation - these are all tools available to us.  Ultimately we are responsible for our own thoughts, speech, and actions - no one else.

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