We are intricately intertwined with the world around us.  In fact, there is no separation.  Emptiness and interdependence can be hard to understand.  We see the world "out there" as separate from us, but in fact, what we see, hear, and touch is not separate at all.  It comes from our mind.  There is nothing that we observe that we do not observe through the filter of our mind.  The tree that you see does not exist outside of your mind.

Picture your shadow.  You see it clearly on the ground beside you.  Mistakenly you see it as something separate from you with inherent existence and confusion sets in. In reality there is no shadow without "you" blocking the light.

This is not irrelevant nor "spooky" superstition.  Quantum science knows well that the observer plays a role in reality and so should we.  Take responsibility, look closely.

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