Self Reliance

To you, the self-made man or woman, I bow.

To you, that never received care or love from a parent or relative when young, that never had a meal prepared for you, never had anyone teach you anything, I bow.

To you that never attended a public school, never used a public library, never traveled upon a public highway - well you have the right to beat upon your chest and proclaim your great achievements and brag to the world how you did it all yourself.

You that never had a teacher, counselor, or friend listen to your problems and help you through a tough time, you are truly self-made and I bow.  I'm sorry you missed out on the human experience.

Most of us have received some form of love and support during our lives.  Most of us have been receivers of gifts of love and compassion at one point or another.  We have had to learn to receive, to be grateful, and to be a part of a community.  In doing so we have had the opportunity to to reciprocate and to be generous - all human qualities.

The self-made man is a lie, delusion - a very sad self deception that hides one's inability to feel humility and gratitude.

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