All Beings are Worthy

All beings are worthy of your devotion and love.  Behaviors are toxic, not people.

All of your worldly experiences occur through your mind.  You do not see, hear, or relate to anything other than through the filter of your mind.  Any resistance you have to loving others is due to your own mental defilements, not others.

This may sound radical to many of you, but please give it a try.  Treat all beings as if they deserve your love and respect.  Realize that you are responsible for how you see and interact with all beings. When you quit interacting with the "bitchy" woman behind the counter as a bitchy woman behind the counter, she will cease to be a bitchy woman behind the counter.  Don't believe it?  Give it a try.  What can it hurt to spend a week or two of your life trying to improve your relationship with the world?  When I began to put this into practice it changed my relationships and my world.

You are responsible for your thoughts, speech, and actions. In short, you are responsible for your world.

Thus the state of buddhahood depends
On beings and the buddhas equally.
By what tradition is it then
That buddhas, but not beings, are revered?

~ Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva

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