Reality, Television, Grandstanding, and Vulgarity

In our day of television vulgarity and grand-standing are very effective means of attracting an audience.  Reality shows have taken this a step further.  The characters are given scripts, conflicts are staged, and entertainment follows; however, the shows are presented as real life and we often believe them to be authentic.  We begin to believe that life really is a show of dramatic proportions and yearn for the adrenaline rush, despite the outcome.

In politics, we see the result of this plight.  Politicians become outrageous to grab our attention.  Their outlandish remarks are spread by the media.  People get swept up in the emotional surge, opinions are formed, policies created, and laws are passed.

In T.V. land we all go to bed when the show is over.  In real life - where people eat, breathe, work,bleed, and live - we must pick up the pieces.  Words, actions, laws, and policies have real consequences.  Everything matters.

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