Purifying Karma

Being fully present feels akward at first.  Our mind resists, wanting to jump to the future or hide in the past.

All destructive emotions - anger, fear,guilt/shame,  and depression -  are fabricated when our minds are focused on either the past or future.

Note that none of these emotions even exists outside of our minds.  We fabricate them when we are not being present in the moment, yet they rule our lives through mentally fabricated Karma.

Spend a few moments searching for your shame.  Can you find anything that "really" exists or will continue to be present without the fuel of your thoughts?  Do you create your own destructive emotions?  If so, could you extinguish them and entirely change your experience of life?

From drinking the nectar of all that is noble and good, may all beings be free of meaningless distractions and purify their conflicting emotions.

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