Strength (A note to self)

Through the many changes, the twists and turns in life; through all of the lessons and struggles, there have been a few people that were always there for me...well actually not.  It was always me.

It was when i sought acceptance or approval that I became lost.  Its hard enough to understand and support yourself - don't expect anyone else to or you will be disapointed and become bitter.  This is not to say others won't support or help you along the way,  just don't expect anyone else to be there every step or walk your journey for you...It's YOUR LIFE.

Look deeply and listen for your truest voice.  Seek bare, honest understanding and clarity.  From your own place, deep inside see all of your thoughts, your beliefs, your joys, and your pains. Right at the point where you feel you are going to break in two, you will find strength and hopefully peace.  Not quite there, but Im getting closer...I think.

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