What is your Strategy for Happiness?

One strategy is to manage everyone and everything around you so that it meets your approval and is to your liking.

Another is to learn tolerance, to appreciate, and to work with the world as it is.

There's a lotta world out there to manipulate if that's your strategy.

"...to walk the path of surrender, you must be willing to fully embrace life, instead of embracing your fears and desires about it. Still, surrender is frightening to most people because they think it means becoming totally passive. They think, “If I don’t go out and fight for what I want, nothing good will happen. I might as well go live in a cave.”
It’s not true, and to think that way is to completely misunderstand the universe in which we live. Billions of amazing things happen every moment, and you’re not doing any of them. Planets stay in orbit, galaxies spiral through space, and our physicists tell us that quantum fields are emanating subatomic particles that combine together to create everything we see. How much of that are you doing?
Even within your own body, cells are dividing, digestion is taking place, your heart is beating, and your lungs are breathing. You are not doing any of these things; they are all being done by the incomprehensible perfection of life itself. And if any one of them stopped, it would all be over.
Clearly, you have no choice but to trust the perfection of life going on all around you."  ~ Michael A Singer at How to stop being a control freak

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