Our egos are constantly trying to arrange the Universe and everything in it such that we feel safe.  Instead of working on ourselves and opening to life as it is, we want to manipulate everyone and everything around us.

"Please don't push my buttons."

"Do this, don't do that."

"I wish it wasn't like this!"

Does that sound sane?

Using mindfulness and deep awareness we can explore our thoughts and fears.  We can realize that most of them are unfounded.  We can come to realize that we are more resilient than we ever believed.  We can develop a confidence that is much more powerful than the delusion and defense strategies we have used in the past. One must simply be open to life.

Fear is inherent in life.  Living according to our fears is a choice.  We are capable of so much more that we know.  Give life a try, let it flow.

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