Bills, Birds, and Thanksgiving (Don't Hate Nobody)

I've got more bills than I can possibly pay on my income.  I don't have a full kitchen or bath in my rental.  The median  home price here is over three times what I can afford and the cheapest real estate on the market is above my head.  My car needs new tires.  A close relative betrayed me and I haven't seen my parents or my oldest son in almost two years.

Yesterday the moon rose in the orange-lit clouds above the mountains - moonrise in the sunset.  Last weekend I went Nordic skiing with my wife for the first time - twice.  Our dog Daisy had a blast. This morning they both joined me for coffee at the office. Tomorrow I'm going to see my grand-daughter Skylar.  Looks like I'll make it back to Georgia for Christmas this year to spend time with family.

We all have our problems, our illnesses, our triumphs, our likes, and our hates.  Sometimes life is beautiful and other times it hurts so deeply you cry.

Today I'm happy Thanksgiving is coming up.  I like spending time with family.  Today I feel blessed.  Tomorrow I'll hear "Papa!  Hi Papa!" and I'll smile.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States and happy living to you all.

Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind - listen to the birds. And don't hate nobody. - Eubie Blake

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  1. You my friend are living the life. Never let anyone think that you are doing anything less. Living in an R.V is an absolute blessing, you have the ability to live outside of the box literally. Just keep your head above water and all will be fantastic