Lessons in Charity, Gratitude, and Death

photo courtesy of TheSpiritScience.net

Never, ever expect gratitude for your acts of charity.  If you offer something out of kindness, expect nothing in return or you will die.  You will feel cheated, used, and hurt.  People don't like to feel obligated.  They will resent you and they will kill you. 

Like many others, I have a boundary problem.  It's hard for me to separate myself from people that I care about so I often don't put myself first.  I take care of them, make decisions based upon their needs, and expect them to do the same for me.  When they don't I get upset and then bitter. 

The problem is that they never asked me to do any of the above.  It was an agreement that I alone made for both parties.

If you do something for someone and expect something in return then be sure that there is a clear and explicit agreement.  Don't assume. 

If you give as an act of kindness then give from the heart and let it go.  Let it pass through you like light from the Sun; otherwise it will stick in you, clog your veins, harden your heart, and you will die...I almost did.

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