One of the most crippling things that we do is to believe our thoughts about ourselves.  Thoughts are powerful when we believe them to be true.  Unfortunately our brains have evolved with a bias to negativity, to fear more strongly than to notice and believe the good.  As we notice the bad in the world and live in fear then we begin to feel inadequate.  Brene Brown has done tremendous research on the factors that lead to individuals leading fully engaged lives and feeling satisfied with life.  She has found that the largest factor is simply whether an individual feels a sense of worthiness or not. What a shame that our own thoughts about ourselves are what get in the way of our happiness.

When we truly come to understand that we are not our thoughts - but the one that has thoughts, feelings, and beliefs - then we come to know that we can change those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  If we believe we are capable then we will act as if we are capable.  If we act as though we are capable then we are capable -  very capable.

The catch here is that changing your beliefs may be the hardest thing you'll ever do.  Your mind will try and maintain it's negative bias and tell you that your new thoughts are a bunch of bologna.  Don't believe it.  There is too much at stake.

Below I've shared some of the reading that has helped me along the way.  Just realize that reading won't be enough.  You'll have to work at it.

We are only a failure if we believe we are a failure and that is a crippling belief. 

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