One Skill to Change Your Life

Reacting is instinctual.  A reaction comes from the most primitive part of our brain.

Responding involves conscious thought with decision and is an ability we have only fully developed as human beings.

We don't have much control over our reactions.  They are mostly automatic.  We can respond with our reaction or we can pause and use our full mind.  There is a gap where we decide how to respond.  This gap and the choice we make during that gap is what makes us human.

The nice thing is that like anything else, we can get better at responding with practice.  Studies show that life-long criminals who are taught to pause before acting will learn to think about the consequences of their actions and over time make better decisions.

Almost every regret in my life was due to reacting instead of thoughtfully responding.  Please pause and choose wisely.

p.s.  Meditation and mindfully watching your emotions will help to improve your ability to choose your response.

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