Red Alert - Slow Down


A hurried life is a stressful life.  A hurried life is unhealthy.  Studies in neuroscience show that being hurried for an extended period of time puts the brain on red alert and activates the same chemicals - primarily adrenaline and cortisol - as if you were being charged by a grizzly bear.  This results in a weakened immune system, general fatigue, and a foggy head.

Busyness seems to be the norm these days.  Although slowing down your everyday life is the goal, start small.  Try slowing down on small tasks.  Mindfulness and being in the present moment reduce stress and returns our body chemistry to normal.  Drink your tea or coffee slowly and notice how it tastes.  Take the time to actually look at your spouse or friend next time they are speaking to you -  notice their facial expressions and let them know you are listening.  Spend some time in the moment and feel the difference.

Now it's time to reduce your activities and commitments so that you can slow down and enjoy life.  You will have more to give in the long run.

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