Gorilla Compassion

There once was a man that fell into a deep hole while hunting in the jungle. After three days a gorilla happened by and the hunter asked for help.

"Hey, I'm starving.  Please help me out", pleaded the man.

"I'm not sure I can safely get you out with those steep sides" the gorilla replied, "but let me toss a large rock down and if I can climb out of the hole with the rock I'll pull you out."

The gorilla tossed a large rock down the hole, jumped in and easily pulled it out.

He then recovered the man and delivered him safely to the jungle floor.

"I really do thank you, but if I may trouble you further, I'm afraid I'm too weak to make it out of the jungle alone.  Would you mind assisting me back to my village?", the hunter asked.

"I'm exhausted", exclaimed the gorilla.  "Let me get a quick nap and I'll be glad to help you home."

While the gorilla was sleeping the hunter thought to himself, "If I take this large rock and kill the gorilla for food then I'll be strong enough to get out of this jungle alone."

The hunter lifted the rock, teetering under it's weight, and smashed the gorilla in the head.  Amazingly the gorilla did not die.  With his face disfigured and blood flowing from his face the gorilla looked at the man and cried "Poor man.  Why did you have to do that?  Now you'll never be happy."

Adapted from an ancient Buddhist tale.

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