Be careful about allowing yourself to feel cheated or shortchanged - in a job, a relationship, or anything.  The desire to be treated fairly rates high in the human psyche and once we allow ourselves to feel cheated it is generally a long downward spiral that can last for days.  Joy and excitement are replaced with anger, bitterness, and frustration.  History has been filled with stories of people willing to die for justice.

The problem is that we are easily fooled by our brains.  Once the limbic system has been triggered we can become a bit paranoid and may not see things clearly. Once we feel cheated, well we feel cheated and that's how we see things no matter what the truth is.   While we can't control how others treat us, we can control how we react.  If we aren't careful we may end up cheating ourselves of a lot of happiness.

One practice that I have found useful is to periodically vow not to let anything anyone says or does offend me.  Easier said than done, but it's a start.

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