To be understood
or not
doesn't matter
except that it does
when it matters
to me.

Wind blows
I know
When it rains
I do get wet
I've tried not to care,
but I do.

Sun, Stars, Moon
Does it mean anything?
Who is asking?

p.s. -Whenever I feel like loosing a lot of readers I publish a poem. No I am not Zen Habits. :)

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  1. "Who is asking?" is a great question. It always helps me meditate.

  2. funny you should say that.
    because i always like your poems. :)
    i write haiku.
    i don't care for poems that rhyme and go on forever.
    give me simplicity. and straight to the moment and the heart.

  3. I love your poem, thanks for sharing! Jenni (Melbourne, Australia)