Dealing with Anger

What triggers your (my) anger says a lot about you (me).  It says more about what is wrong "in there" than out there in the world. If you continue to blame the outside world for your anger then you are giving away your power and  you will be more dependent, less free, and more confused than ever.

Next time someone makes you angry sit down and talk it out with yourself.  Really try and separate the other person out of it.  What about the event really pushed your buttons?  What did you do to allow or even invite the situation?  What vulnerability did it expose?  Who are you really angry with? If you are honest you might learn something about yourself.

(Yes, I'm talking to myself, but I thought it might help you as well)

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  1. A trigger is a gift that we must open very carefully, as it will show us where we still need to heal. Have you considered that there is nothing wrong, internally or externally? All that we need to do is to heal and reframe our limiting beliefs and self-doubts, which likely came from our past experiences. From our minds' reaction and misunderstanding of past experiences, that is. Nothing is wrong. Our minds are just in a state of misunderstanding.