As You Are

"Soul is about authenticity....about finding the things in your life that are real and pure." ~ John Legend

I think we all know that we live in an imperfect world.  We are sometimes able to see that imperfections are what make the world beautiful and exciting.  The unpredictability of a thunderstorm can be beautiful in itself and also makes a bright sunny day even more enjoyable in comparison. Most of the time life is so much more beautiful if we enjoy things as they are instead of wishing for something else.

Though we are able to see that imperfections in the world around us add to the experience, I believe we are often unable to see that the same is true of our selves or the people around us.  We are ashamed of our imperfections and hide them from others.  We wish others would behave the way we think they should.  We think we are doing the world a favor but we are isolating ourselves and insulating ourselves from authentic connecting relationships - a deep rooted human need.

Empathy and acceptance are starting points towards authenticity and understanding.  For one week, with one trusted person, try being authentic.  Don't hide and don't expect.  Accept and love.  See how it goes.

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  1. When I have difficulty accepting some of my imperfections I try to remind myself that only God is perfect. It is right for me to be only human.