The Cost of Freedom - Sunday Morning Reading

“If you’re only okay in certain circumstances, you’re already fucked.” — Godfrey Devereux

All living beings desire freedom but few of us really feel free from the pressures and restrictions life places upon us.  What if I told you that it was you and not life or someone "out there" placing these limits upon you?

We spend most of our lives avoiding discomfort.  Whether we are willing to admit it or not, fear dominates our lives. We are three to five times more likely to avoid discomfort than to seek pleasure.  We build fences around ourselves within which we feel safe, but the feeling of safety rarely last very long.  In order to be free and truly happy we must face and process our fears instead of protecting ourselves or hiding.

Michael Singer explains it very well below.

If you want to be happy -"You cannot spend your life avoiding things that are not actually happening, or everything will become negative.  All you will end up seeing is how much can potentially go wrong.  Do you have any idea how many things can cause inner pain and disturbance?  ....If you want to grow and be free to explore life, you cannot spend your life avoiding the myriad of things that might hurt your heart or mind."   ~ Michael Singer from The Untethered Soul

Something to ponder if you truly want to grow.

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  1. Thank you very much for this post. Several days ago, I had a panic attack regarding the good things that were in my life and the chance of being in a new relationship. What triggered it was my discomfort of something new. Thank you again for this post.