Selfish Acts of Generosity

My wife paid about 30 percent above the "Walmart" price for a bike light yesterday.  My first gut reaction was "NO, we could get that cheaper at....", but I like having a bike shop in town.  Walmart may have cheaper bicycle parts but they won't tell us where the best trails are, give us free advice on maintaining our bikes, and besides the people at Over the Edge are just plain friendly.

Buying organic and (preferably) locally grown produce can be more expensive than factory farmed produce from the big supermarkets but I like to encourage sustainable practices.  I also prefer to know where and how my food was grown.  I'm not so sure someone 5,000 miles away really cares about my health and well being.

Even in years of extreme financial scarcity I donate to charities that I believe in.  I want to live in a caring world.

When I'm tired and feel spent, I still spend time with my granddaughter.  I want her to grow up strong, happy, and to feel loved. 

Thank you Ann for the reminder.  Domino's may be cheaper than The Hot Tomato, but Domino's doesn't sponsor live music or socially active poets along with their pies.  I guess - I hope - you get what you support.

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