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Someone very close to me asked me yesterday, "What can we do to contribute, to make a difference?"  I rambled off a few things but didn't really give a clear answer.  I wasn't sure how to put my answer in words but here goes. 

Perhaps the most important contributions we can make are not the big things, but the way we live our lives everyday and how we treat others.  We don't have to be on the evening news to contribute.  The examples we set, the way we treat those around us, the encouragement we offer, the smiles we give - these are the ways we contribute. 

I recall a fifth-grade teacher telling me that I was smart and good at math.... and so I was.   When I was young a neighbor, Donny Rainey, spent a majority of his free time working with young men through the youth football league and the Boy Scouts of America.   He believed that we were worthy of  his time and attention and so we were. 

We don't have to live by other's expectations, but often we will. What possibilities and expectations do you communicate to the people around you?

Seth Godin hits the mark more precisely below:

There are limits all around us, stereotypes, unlevel playing fields, systemic challenges where there should be support instead. A quiet but intensely corrosive impact these injustices create is in the minds of the disenfranchised, in their perception of what is possible.
The mirror we hold up to the person next to us is one of the most important pictures she will ever see.
If we can help just one person refuse to accept false limits, we've made a contribution. If we can give people the education, the tools and the access they need to reach their goals, we've made a difference. And if we can help erase the systemic stories, traditions and policies that push entire groups of people to insist on less, we've changed the world. 

Please read Seth's entire post here.

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