Creating Reality

What is reality? I'm not sure anyone knows. A great deal of science implies that there is no one "reality" outside of our consciousness. The universe exists as a wave of possibilities to be experienced by us and my reality may or may not be the same as yours. I'm not saying that you are imagining everything and that there is no physical reality (I really don't know), but that our minds and consciousness directly affect reality - whatever that may be.

At the very least our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs determine our experienced reality. Weather that I enjoy may ruin your day. A dip in the stock market may send you reeling while I see it as the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can be much harder to change than first believed. Less than 10% of our brains deal with conscious thought. For some it takes years of listening to ourselves to identify and change our thoughts and beliefs. Meditation and quiet activities can help with this.

Not only can our thoughts change the way we experience an event but they can greatly affect our future reality as well. I challenge you to go a step further than putting a positive spin on everything. Yes positive thinking can improve our attitude and experience, but a positive outlook can improve the way we interact with the world as well.  Put in the hard work of examining your deepest levels of thought.  Look for opportunity to grow, believe that things can turn out good, learn to deal with imperfection, and realize your potential as a creative force.  It will change your life.

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  1. I have never seen a better description of the process that I have experienced and now teach to my clients. The subconscious mind is there to keep us safe, but misunderstandings can cause our mind to add meaning to our experiences that is not there. This can lead to paralyzing fear, anxiety, and (arguably) all suffering that exists. Looking deeply at EVERY thought and assumption is hard work, but it is the path to healing.