You are like me.
I like you.  
I like you enough that I'd like to spend time with you.  
This thing we share is fun or important or special.
We should rally together and promote this thing we share.
If you feel threatened or need help in life's day to day struggles, I'm here for you.

Above are the ways tribes, clubs, and social groups begin.  Being a part of a group binds us together, gives us a sense of belonging, and enriches our lives.

We are right.
They are wrong.
Their beliefs threaten ours. 
They are others, they don't belong.
We should change their minds or intimidate them, they are a threat.

And so a tragedy begins.  Many groups start because a minority or individual is persecuted or made to feel as an outsider by the majority.  How sad when it turns and they perpetuate the wrong that brought them together.

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  1. I think there is a stage in everyone's journey, where they are trying to define themselves (yes, it's totally a false self, but that's a part of the journey too, IMO), and in defining themselves, they must define what they are not. And sometimes it's hard to understand, in our culture especially, that there are multiple roads to inner peace. So that when we think we have found the "way," we feel superior to those who are choosing other paths.

    It probably all has to do with the "ego," although I'm not a fan of that term. But we do misunderstand what is really us, and what is just an interest or path that we happen to feel strongly about in a particular moment.

    All a part of the journey. It's hard to break an attachment to ideals and to keep from judging (which is really just misunderstanding).

    What really seems relevant is a post that you wrote awhile back, actually, that really resonated with me.