The Problem (The Solution)

The problem is not your cell phone.
The problem is not the internet.
Email is not the problem and neither is Facebook.
Television is not the problem.
A bottle of wine isn't the problem.
Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend wasn't the problem either.
None of these things are the problem, nor are they the solution.
The problem is that we keep searching outside of ourselves for solutions,  for saviors,  for magic cures and then when we don't find them we use these same items to hide from our pain and vulnerability.

There is nothing wrong with using the internet, a computer, or a book as tools when looking for answers, just don't think you'll find the answers in the tools.

The solution is......

Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution.  ~ Niels Bohr

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  1. The problem is us and how we use them, in my opinion. I frequently hear people complaining about their children's use of all these- but you have the power to say "no"- to yourself and your young children. It is harder to turn it all off and find something else to do- but the rewards are many :)


    1. Exactly Katie, we are always the problem but we are also the solution.

    2. absolutely, Dan..
      that is the point..

    3. the way, ny remember the time that you first saw the quote "we have met the enemy and they are us".?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Diane. Always nice to see you here.

      Your recipes at Simple Living and Eating are divine. Want to come cook for me for a while?

  3. All anyone can do--online, in person, in a book, or whatever--is provide information. It's up to us to choose what to believe, and to act accordingly. Ultimately, the answers lie in the choices we make. (I figured that out today!)

    1. And if you're like me (hopefully not), you'll probably have to figure it out again. How easily we forget and make the same limiting choices over and over again

  4. Man, wish more peeps were thinking like this. This is a fine ode to personal responsibility, Dan!

    1. Hi CJ,
      Personal responsibility? - I didn't think we talked about that in public.

  5. Hello Dan,

    I stopped by for the first time today. I like your content and based on your comments you seem like a pleasant man as well.

    I believe too many people fail to accept and recognize that everything we do, whether the result is success or failure, is because of us. There will always be something influencing the result: boss, wife, weather and other conditions. However, most of the things influencing the result is something we cannot change. What we are able to change is ourselves so why don't we start there? Most people want to change the world but no one thinks of changing himself, which is a shame.

    I do motivational speaking for students in Denmark and the majority of the students wants to make a difference failing to realize that they themselves are the solution and not the circumstances.

    Hope it makes sense :-)

    Take care,
    Anders Hasselstrøm