I Forgot


Beware the barrenness of a busy life ~ Socrates

A few weeks ago I began working on a new website, Healthy Food Matters.  I started it because I believe that it does matter.  Where our food is sourced from, how animals are treated, what chemicals are added, if it has been genetically modified.....it all matters.

Often when I start something new, I lose myself in it.  I can become quite obsessive at times.  The point is that I forgot.  I forgot how to just be.  I forgot how to relax.  I forgot how beautiful the beach is as the sun rises.  I forgot to sit outside and enjoy the late evening sounds of summer. I forgot how to have a meaningful conversation with my wife.  I forgot to call my relatives.  I forgot, I forgot, I forgot.

There is nothing wrong with working hard until we forget who we truly are and what really matters.

Courtney's article here, on Be More With Less, reminded me of who I am and what is important to me.  I recommend that you read it.  Whether you read Courtney's article or not, I hope that I have reminded you to take a moment and remember who YOU are and what really matters.

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