Cleaning Up

You may notice that the advertising banners are gone.  After reading Leo Babauta's post on advertising, I decided to eliminate the banners and go with a more direct approach that is more in line with my values.  Leo so generously uncopyrights all of his work so I'll let him explain with an excerpt : (full post here)

One of the biggest reasons people buy so much, and are so discontent with their lives, is advertising. Advertising creates false needs — all of a sudden we need an iPhone or a new car or a diamond ring, just because an advertiser put the need in our heads.
What is advertising? It’s a company (or political candidate, etc.) paying a publishing platform (TV, newspaper, website, billboard, etc.) to get its message/brand in front of people. Companies are paying for our attention, and trying to get us to buy what they’re selling. And the publisher makes money by selling the attention of its readers/watchers/users.
Of course, for us, the users … it sucks. Ads make the watching experience much worse. Ads make the reading experience much worse (imagine reading this article with 10 ads surrounding it).
Ads make our lives worse.
The purpose of Zen Presence was never to make money. I willingly contribute resources to maintain this blog. - time, money on books and research material, seminars, etc...  and that is why I had a few banners on Zen Presence.  
Rather than make you suffer through ads, I'll simply say that if you would like to support my work at Zen Presence then please:

Visit my Recommended Reading page and purchase a book from Amazon that I truly recommend from the bottom of my heart, because I really think it may help you.


Contribute using the Paypal button in the left column or at the bottom of the page.

Otherwise, carry on and continue to enjoy and share in this community.  

The primary focus of Zen Presence will continue to be spreading Ideas for Meaningful Living.

Dan Garner


  1. This is an interesting, and I can kind of see it.

  2. Dan, I too considered making my blog a source of income, but it felt wrong to how I live. I don't want to add to the consumption habits that I try to avoid in my own life.n of course not knowing anything about blogging, I chose WordPress which doesn't allow one to have ads on the site.

  3. Eliminating ads really helped me to clarify my purpose--to share and to create a community. Few make money off of blogging, but blogging definitely has its purpose (which is higher than money anyway).

    FWIW, you've never struck me as trying to earn money through blogging anyway.

    Good for you, for taking this step. I intend to support your efforts, whether you like it or not, but I'll wait until we're settled in, in our new place.