Seek Meaning - Mindful Moment #2

If you want contentment and purpose, seek meaning.  Fun and pleasure are fleeting.  Meaning has the power to cohere an entire lifetime of activity.

If you want guidance and a path with heart, seek meaning.  Rules and formal structure are rigid, inflexible, and lifeless.  Meaning allows us to have a coherent theme, while spontaneously responding to the infinite possibilities around us.

In whatever you do, give your life meaning.  In the end, it is only meaning that we seek.

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Live a fulfilled life.  How to be happy. Find meaning.


  1. "Fun and pleasure are fleeting."

    This reminds me of last summer. We sailed for 91 days, and it was absolutely heavenly. Much more fun than the packing and dealing with the technicalities of moving, that have defined this summer. However, last summer ended with a disheartening return to "reality"--to a toxic work environment and a life that was not in accordance with our dreams and values.

    This summer, on the other hand, is leading toward a fall of infinite possibility. The path we're on--although it is not a lot of fun at the moment--is leading toward of life of freedom from those rules, from the "script." There will be no "back to reality," because reality as we know it is being redefined.

    We should seek to find meaning, not to temporarily escape from a life that lacks it. Excellent post, Dan.

    1. Good luck with your adventure Bethany. Don't forget to enjoy the meaning that you are bringing to life. It doesn't always have to be a struggle.


  2. Nice post Dan. We all have meaning. Seeking it is the key. :)

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I love the meaning you bring to life on A NEW ENGLAND GIRL

  3. Hi Dan love your simplicity and meaning. All life has meaning and purpose. Fun can be meaningful. And do you not think the meaning we give our lives is subject.
    I like having a spiritual meaning to my life and my motivation is to become conscious and to try and stay in a spiritual energy because I see so much uselessness in the world. But that is only my perception.
    I was working with a client recently and he said he wasn't interested in the meaning of life or what life is all about. He wanted to live the life he was born to live and follow his instinctive motivation which was to develop his music and play blues guitar. He had just said what Joesph campbell said, follow your bliss.
    what do you think Dan?

    1. "He wanted to live the life he was born to live and follow his instinctive motivation which was to develop his music and play blues guitar."

      It seems he has found his meaning of life. I don't believe that there is one pat answer. For some the meaning comes naturally as desire, others must search for it. I'm afraid some never find it and wander about aimlessly. For me, meaning connects all of the dots and helps me to make sense of it all.