Decluttering is boring

I have to say it - I'm sick of reading about decluttering. "976 ways to declutter your home, declutter your kitchen, declutter your car, declutter your garage, the 30 day declutter challenge"..... How many times can someone write about such a boring subject?  Obviously a lot.  

I don't mean to pick on anyone, but decluttering is boring.  Yes, I've written about it and I'm a fan of doing it, but decluttering is a tool.  Minimalism is only a tool.  There is nothing romantic in depriving yourself or ridding yourself of everything except that it brings FREEDOM and DEPTH to your LIFE.  The FREEDOM is the goal.  In this instance I do not agree with the saying that the journey is the goal. Get rid of your shit so that you can enjoy life.  Stop making a game of decluttering.  Attachment to decluttering in no better than attachment to materialism.  Declutter you mind and let go of decluttering.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    It is boring, however it's hard. That's one of the reasons to keep reading about it for motivation. At least for me anyway. That being said there has been many times when thinking about people who have nothing, not even enough food to eat makes me realize that putting so much time and energy into organizing and decluttering my stuff can seem a little pathetic. :)

  2. Thank you for that!!! It took me 2 years of embracing minimalism to realize that I really despise decluttering. I like the end result, but the process is irritating. Here:

    I think that for a lot of people, though, decluttering and the physical aspects of minimalism are their first step toward questioning all the BS that we're fed. Having a minimally appointed house is a safe way to test the waters, if you will. In time, it often leads to questioning other things: the 9-to-5 job, the notion that we need a huge income, the idea that writers and artists can't earn a living, the necessity of home ownership, the idea that we all are inherently unworthy, etc. Minimalism is not Ithaca, but it is a port along the way.

  3. Absolutely true. It may be boring in the act itself, but the results are anything but.

  4. Dan, it took me years to get all this crap, and I want it to take me minutes to get out of it. Decluttering is boring unless you crank some tunes and laugh and run about. In reality, I wish I had a giant vacuum cleaner I could attach to a window in my home. It would suck everything out and send it along to the proper places - donation centers, recycling centers, etc.

    I like your edge and how you put it right out there!

  5. Perhaps someone could declutter the internet of decluttering posts. They've been cluttering up my inbox for months now. Oh, the verbal clutter decluttering has spawned.

    On the other hand, what if one were to sex it up a bit? I mean something like naked decluttering after which you set everything on fire and the whole heap explodes.

    Really though, this says it all: "Get rid of your shit so that you can enjoy life."

  6. Dan, my first reaction to your title was to laugh out loud in agreement. Yet, in the 6 months I took to get rid of everything there was am excitement bubbling underneath the work when I could see the results taking shape.

  7. You just gave me my first laugh of the day.

    Personally, I feel totally indifferent to the ideas of decluttering or being a minimalist. It's all only a reflection of our inner self...and that's always the place to start. Be who you want to be within and the outer will follow. And if it turns out you declutter then fine, if not, equally fine.

    My two cents.


  8. reading about decluttering is boring if you understand it. you look at your mess, you learn about it, you declutter and move on. the reason decluttering is so popular right now is because most of the blogs showing you how to pare down your collections and organize your rooms also having you buying a ton more crap. really? that's -not- decluttering, that's organizing, and sometimes even hyper organizing.. baskets in baskets and chalkboard labels for a jar of soap? like you live some 4 years on this planet and you think you can identify a bar of soap when you see it.. it's new-to-me-ism. it's unnecessary upcycling (and you know this is true- just check craigslist for all of the 1950's grannie pieces painted 'robins egg' blue) it's this piece you had to have, had to strip and sand and paint and then give away online. go fix your lives people. lose that extra 10, save for a dream vacation and let your home just be. it doesn't need feathers and chalk paint, trust me.