A friend of mine recently told me that they don't feel worthy. Worthy of what?  By who's standard?  

Worthiness is a concept that I don't care much for. It is a fabricated idea of the mind.  It doesn't apply to real life.  We are a different person every moment.  At what point do you judge worthiness and who judges?  

Ten minutes ago I was an unworthy bastard, but now I've changed. 

Tomorrow I may be an S.O.B.
Next week I'll be a saint - I promise.

Seek, experience, learn.  Do not be bound to past experiences or mistakes.  Open yourself to the beauty of experiencing life and move beyond the self imposed limitations of judgement.

 "Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world -- even if what is published is not true." ~ Richard Bach

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  1. Trying to be worthy is simply too much stress. Tammy and I just put out a book. Is it worthy? Who cares? It's out there.

  2. Worthiness is ridiculous... so much so Mike Meyers took on the topic if you recall:

  3. I think people confuse being "worthy" of expectations versus "responsible" of the trust that people put in them.

  4. It's crazy how many fake things we invent, that only becoming stumbling blocks. Imagine what we could accomplish if we only got out of our own way!

  5. "Worthiness" is very limiting. But it's a hard feeling to escape. I struggle with this a lot. It's a matter of moving from logic to action. I understand what it is, and what it's doing, but I'm not to the point of releasing it.