Thoughts + Energy = Your Experienced Reality

Thoughts come and go.  An average person has over 60,000 of them a day.  They do not all come true, nor are they all experienced equally.  The ones we focus on or give energy to are experienced as our reality.  Is it any wonder that all of the negative things in our lives keep coming up again and again?

The next time you have a negative thought - don't fight it - let it fade and die.

Put your energy and attention to the positive things in your life.  Focus on where you want to go, not the obstacles.

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  1. Man, no kidding. That Lisa Hayes quote is great. I think people don't really think about it that way. The cruel things we say to ourselves, and then we listen to ourselves! It's nuts. We should definitely be fighting with ourselves less.

  2. Love that quote!! And that statistic. I read that of those 60,000 thoughts, most of them are habitual, and of those habitual thoughts, most of them are negative! Wow. So if we changed those habitual thoughts, we would have positive thoughts running through our minds most all the time!

  3. I love that quote as well! Might have to go up in my classroom...

    It's crazy how we talk to ourselves, isn't it? I say things to myself, that I would never dream of saying to my worst enemy.

  4. I love this quote! And, I appreciate how you are pointing our our choice point to either go with negativity or refrain.

  5. So true Dan! Thanks for the reminder!!