Earth Day - Mindful Moment #1

Today, on Earth Day, I would like to start a new series titled 'Mindful Moments'.  If you have read this blog often then you will know that I am not one for writing on a fixed schedule, so the post will not be routine.  Whenever I feel that I have a worthy subject to share on Mindful Moments then I'll share.

I would ask that you take a moment to reflect on your thoughts and feelings about the Earth - your home.  Do you feel a sense of stewardship?  Do you think of it at all?   What are the sources of your thoughts on the Earth?  Are they accurate?  Do they match your core values?  Do your actions reflect your thoughts and values?  If not, what can you do today to align your actions with your beliefs and values?

Please share some of your answers to the questions above in the comments below.  Help this Mindful Moment to be a learning experience for all of us.

In closing I would like to share a post from several months ago about my relationship with my home - Earth.

Do you sometimes feel like an outsider?  Do you feel like a guest imposing on someone else's turf?  I know that I did for many years.  It wasn't a conscious thought; it was something lingering in the background.  I felt that I was different than most of the people around me so I felt out of place.  It was almost like guilt.  One day a realization came to me - this is my world, my earth, my home.  I belong here.

There is a story in Buddhism about Siddhartha Guatama (who became  the historical Buddha) that gives me strength when I feel this sense of not belonging.   While Siddhartha was sitting under the bodhi tree, under an oath to remain until he attained enlightenment, he was approached by Mara ( a demon of worldly ways) and an army of monsters to frighten him away.  Mara questioned Siddhartha and asked "What right do you have here?  This place is mine."  The army of monsters cried out "We are his witness."  Mara asked Siddhartha - "Who will speak for you?"

As a response Siddartha reached out his right hand and touched the earth and the earth itself trembled and roared "I bear you witness."

The very fact that we are here gives us a right to be here.  This is your earth, your home, and it is mine. Don't let the ways of the world cause you fear or shame.  Proudly reach down and touch the earth.  You are home.

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  1. The conservation movement of the 1970s shaped my life. We were shown in school so many images of the destruction industry had done to nature that I have always felt a need to try and protect the earth. I think about every product I use, every piece of paper I throw away, every time I let the car idle too long... yes it permeates me and I wish it did more people. I feel like that Indian with the tear in his eye... remember that commercial about pollution. It hurts.

    1. I remember the Indian well.....It's funny Diane, you were the first person that came to mind when I decided to make Earth Day my mindful moment.


  2. My feelings toward the earth? I guess the word that come to mind is, belonging. In the woods when I was younger, and on the water now, I really feel like I am a part of everything. Under the best circumstances, sailing makes use of the water and the wind, without causing any harm. And that is the reason why I love it so much.

    Am I as good a steward of the earth and water as I should be? Sadly, no. It is such as easy thing to lose sight of, to forget.

  3. Amazingly clear insight here--thanks so much for pointing me to this, especially on Earth Day. Perspective accounts for so much in our lives.

  4. I liked that earth is home post you did. It's nice to see it again and be reminded of it.