Ebb and Flow

This is the first post in over three weeks on a blog that is normally updated two - three times a week.  Why?  Because I chose to follow my own advice and disconnect for a while.  I chose to sort out some new plans without the mental clutter that often comes with being online and connected.  I chose to listen to the sometimes quiet and peaceful,  sometimes loud and turbulent voices in my head.  I often experience a very reflective period during winter.  It is not always fun at the time, but I normally experience tremendous growth following a spell of inner turbulence.

As spring comes I feel a surge of energy, strength, and clarity coming on.  I am very excited about the life changes that my wife and I will be making.  Just as the seasons change, so does life.  Life is a mix of beautiful sunny days, grey overcast days, and sometimes violent stormy days.   I'm learning to go with the ebb and flow of life - not to question what comes at me, but to change the manner in which I react. 

The ebb and flow of life is dynamic and challenging.  I find it beautiful and invigorating.

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  1. Another way in which sailing is a metaphor for life: you can't control the weather, the predictions are often wrong--but you CAN trust in your skill to weather the storm. And storms often result in a change in course...

    I'm very excited to see where your journey takes you next. :-)

  2. Beautiful writing and clear thoughts. Thanks for a great post.

  3. Hey Dan ,
    I was just thinking of you yesterday ( Friday 3/15/13 ) , and wondering how you were coming along . Sounds like you are doing fine . Take all the time you need , get things straight in your heart and head , then proceed .

    All Blessings ,

    " Poppy G "

  4. Glad to have you back. It is great to hear about a person listening to their inner directive than always being moved by the eternal.

  5. Good to hear from you again, I have taken a few mini breaks from the computer myself lately, and am considering taking weekends off especially with warmer weather arriving at some point here hopefully soon.

  6. I've been thinking of you and wondering where you've been! I admire your willingness to go with the ebb and flow of life and change how you react. That's one of the big keys to happiness in my view. Good luck with your new changes.

  7. How wonderful! I haven't taken such a prolonged break, but I take frequent shorter breaks a couple of weekends a month. I go up to my cabin in the mountains and unplug for a couple of days. Very refreshing every time. And reassuring to know that the world goes on without me just fine.