Down Deep.....Raw and Sincere

"Woke up this morning with love in mind,
It was raining outside, but my love still shined
Kept me warm til my plane touched the sky..."

Neil Young's album, 'Time Fades Away' is a classic to me.  Why? Because it's honest, raw, and sincere.  He was in a hard place and just singing his heart.  He later regretted the album because it was so raw, but it is highly acclaimed by true artist because of it's sincerity.

Raw sincerity is refreshing.  Give me your heart, your soul.  I don't care for carefully edited content.  Don't try and anticipate what the world wants to hear.  I want to know it's real.  Show me who you are.....down deep inside. 

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  1. Couldn't agree more dude. I don't know that album but raw and open are really nice these days. Seems like everything we see/hear is covered up and edited and stuff. But for someone to just let it all hang out .. it's pretty rare now and pretty awesome.

  2. What a beautiful song, Dan. I had never heard it and am so glad you shared it.

  3. That was absolutely beautiful, as sincerity often is: the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

    We all like to edit what other people see, to make sure we appear cool, in control, and absolutely, absolutely invulnerable. I remember was scared I was, the first time I wrote a post that didn't portray my life as absolutely perfect. Being real takes a lot of courage.

  4. That was a fantastic album, I haven't heard it in years. I can understand why he would regret opening himself up so much. I like to believe that I have a say in who I expose my feelings to, but with music you have no idea who is listening. I think it's great to be open but there are corners of our hearts we must save for those closest to us. Now being honest is different, honesty should be a part of our every action and word.

  5. Exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  6. Nailed it, Dan. Thank you.

    Related: Neil Young is wonderful and I hadn't listened to that album in years. I know what I'll be doing tonight with a glass of red.

  7. I "divorced" from Neil Young after listening for about thirty years to his music. I must be a true "simplifier", because my musical journey has brought me to the joyful "boom boom pow".

    What a nice blog.