Because I have lived the other way,
I will no longer.

Because I have lived in fear, with worry,
I will no longer.

Because I sold out, justified the means with the end,
I will no longer.

Because it was dark, it was empty,
I will no longer.

Because it matters, and now I see,
I will no longer.  

I will no longer live in fear, hide my face, chase ghosts.
I will no longer fall in line, play the game, hide my light.
I will no longer complain, grow weary, or lose heart.

I am alive.

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Zen, Meaning.


  1. I am going to save this for those days I need a little inspiration, it's wonderful.

  2. Dear Dan ,
    Count yourself " Lucky " lad , to have reached the point in your sadhana where you've recognized that life is all about choices , and that you've decided not to take any more horse shit . There are all sorts of various " Yoga's " available . But the one kept hidden in the closet and treated like a poor relative is " The Way of Bushido " , the way of the " Enlightened Warrior " .You rarely hear of anyone in this day and age mention it , let alone admit to practicing it . It looks to me that you've drawn your " Line in the Sand " , good for you lad .
    These day's when you speak about spirituality , everything need's to be coached in layers of " Cosmic-Woo-Woo " to be acceptable . But not everyone is born to be a " Bhakti Yogi "( Peace,Love,Dove) , screw them if they have a problem with " The Way of Bushido " .
    Create your own life Dan . The Irish people have a saying " That when you run with the herd , you always step in shit " . Here's hope-ing that you watch where you step !

    All Blessings ,
    Poppy G

  3. You managed to describe my state of mind today, to a tee. That's going up in my new classroom...