Stepping forth

Stepping forth is an act of courage.  Stepping forth means that you are willing to be seen, that you will no longer muddle with the crowd.  Stepping forth means that you have the courage to have your voice heard - that you have something worth saying.  Stepping forth is a willingness to make a difference or cause change. 

Are you willing to come to the end of your time here on earth and never have contributed from the deepest part of you?  Is doing what you're told or what is expected of you really enough?  You have talents, thoughts, and the ability to do things in ways that only you can do. 

At first stepping forth can be frightening and overwhelming, but opening up and allowing our true selves to show brings confidence and courage.  You will discover aspects of yourself, such as creativity, that you never knew existed.  You will feel a joy within yourself when you learn to look fear ( of rejection, embarrassment ) in the eye and contribute anyway. You will also feel more open to the world as you become an active participant.

Show a little  courage and take one step forward. 

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  1. "You will also feel more open to the world as you become an active participant."

    I love that!


  2. So, true. Sometimes I have to remind myself to not be too isolated and be out there and an active participant in life. It would be so easy for me to stay in my own little world. I really do have to work on not doing that.

  3. Dan,

    Nice job! Stepping forth can also mean following your intuition and not worrying about what other people think of you for doing what you feel is right. You're absolutely right that it takes courage, and so much of courage is just not letting our mental obstacles limit us. It's stepping beyond fear. Nicely done.

  4. I love this. Especially "You will also feel more open to the world as you become an active participant".

    So so true.