Slipping Away

It won't hurt -

to wait until tomorrow.
to spend a few more moments on Facebook.
to check email one more time.
to have one more drink.
to go to bed angry.
to not say "I love you."
to hold a grudge.

Or will it?

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  1. “...the only matter of consequence before me is what I will do with my allotted time." ― Richard Bode

    We take time for granted, all too often. My father-in-law (who lost his wife, unexpectedly, right before Mother's day) taught us to never pass up an opportunity to kiss or say "I love you."

  2. Right on, man. We do get tired and say, "Oh, I'll handle that tomorrow." We end up putting things and people off for years sometimes that way. Don't let it slip away like that!

  3. Oh, well said, Dan. I think we sometimes feel safety in "keeping things the same" and although I do not espouse packing every minute of every day, I do think we need to take action on those things that matter to us.

  4. Take action on what matters to you. End of story and best advice to be happy!