Not Buddha

Photo:  Dolmang on Flickr

I am grateful. 

I am happy.

I am mindful, sometimes.

I mean well, most of the time

I see people that are mean or greedy and I judge.

I see people that are closed minded and I feel resentment.

I feel happiness and want to hold on to it.

I am healthy and want to remain so.

I am.......not Buddha. - Ideas for Meaningful Living
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  1. That little list of things is really good. THe progression of it, man, it's right on. I also am not Buddha, but we keep slowly working on it, right?

  2. I like your list, it shows you are human yet striving to be the best human you can be. I don't think any of us were meant to achieve perfection in every moment and way in our lives.

  3. Failure is not one step away from perfection. The important thing is to keep growing.

  4. Beautifully put - Smita

  5. Hi,much thanks to you for enlightening the minds of individuals with right Dharma. In reality as we know it where part of individuals are looking for reality I believe your exertions will help some of them if not all !!!! , May the triple pearl favor all…