Never ending

Student - "What is Nirvana?"
Shunryu Suzuki - "Seeing one thing through to the end"

Comment - there is no end.

Often we practice Zen, Yoga, or any form of self improvement as if we hope to accomplish something - to reach the end and be all done with it.  Would we practice eating in the same manner?  Can we get so good at sleep that we never need to do it again?  The journey is the goal.  We practice daily - perfectly - improving each day.  Keep practicing.

"Each one of you is perfect in the way that you are, and you could use a little improvement." 
~  Shunryu Suzuki

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  1. How perfect, I sometimes wish I could clean my house one time top to bottom and it would always stay that way, never needing to be cleaned again.

    On the other hand, the end is how people view diets, rather than choosing to eat healthy all the time.

    1. You're dead on about diets. It's got to be day in and day out. Hey, maybe all of life is that way.

  2. The last comment by Suzuki made me laugh, haha.

    It's an interesting point though that I never thought of. I keep striving to get better at thigns until it's perfect and I dont have to anymore...but actually, that doesnt' make any sense. LIke your examples of sleep and eating. Thanks for the thoughts!

    1. Yes, Suzuki had a very dry sense of humor. That's what I love about his material.


  3. Did you read my mind today or what? That was exactly what I needed to hear.

    EVERYTHING is a journey, and that's what makes it important.

  4. I do understand this quote. its true, the people who don't understand are the ones who don't take part of the movement to forever. everything, created by ONE God, serves a purpose to eachother in OUR universe. What we have been doing has been complete opposite of what we were to live for. causing destruction to all and everything.. to our EARTH, who provides us with everything we need to live. to our own PEOPLE, who we choose not to accept even though we are the same.. we were specifically chosen to take are off the garden (earth) who takes care of everything on it, and to also love everything on it. we are blessed, we should live life thankful for Gods creation instead of being greedy for our own. Spread the love. Namaste ♥

  5. Keep practicing is so true Dan, consciously choosing the portion of creation we want to play in.

    Love Elle