How to stop wasting your life

How to stop wasting your life:

Instead of worrying about tomorrow or dwelling on the past - try living now.  Notice the beauty around you.  

Instead of doing what is expected of you - surprise us.  Fix something not broken, make it better.

Instead of watching others live (television) - do something with your life.  Learn a new skill, play a sport, take up a new hobby, interact with other people.

Instead of waiting to be picked - step out and take charge.  Start something new, change what needs changed.  

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself - find solutions to your obstacles.  If you can't find solutions then write out your biggest obstacles and ask for ideas.  You've got the whole world at your fingertips (internet).

Instead of fearfully holding back - be willing to fail.  Go out on a limb and show us your best effort.

Instead of waiting for the perfect time - get started now.  One step at a time is how we make change.

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  1. Great reminders, unplugging the TV was the best thing I've done in years. The other thing I started for me but turned into so much more was clearing an abandoned field outside my door. No one had ever thought of doing it, now it's a place to garden, sit and visit, and introduced me to my neighbors who are now friends.

    1. Yep, when you get out and participate in life all kinds of doors open.

      Thanks for participating here.

  2. Loved this Dan. A great way to talk about living a fulfilled life.

    Love Elle

  3. I like this! These are all behaviors that hold us back, aren't they? It's nice to be reminded of their empowering counterparts.

  4. It's amazing how terrified we all are, of failure, when it's really not all that bad. I've learned to be proud of rejection letters, for example. They make me feel like a real writer! ;-)

  5. Dan, I think the point about watching others is really important. Much of what we're encouraged to do is to become passive consumers when what we need to be is active participants.

  6. Hi Dan.... Good post, inspiring....
    I liked "Instead of waiting for the perfect time - get started now. One step at a time is how we make change"
    I too believe in making atleast a small attempt everyday to get what we dream of. Walking one step further towards the goal, each day.
    It also takes determination.


  7. Hi Dan,

    Your post is very motivating and I really like this one "Instead of fearfully holding back - be willing to fail. Go out on a limb and show us your best effort." I agree. Go out and give your best shot instead of leaving your success to chances.

  8. Instead of waiting complaining in this world, remember that the world owes you nothing. After all it was here first.