Why I write to celebrities

Why do I write to celebrities like Neil Young, Seth Godin, James Altucher, Diane Balch, and Bobby Flay?  It is not to seek favor or to lavish praise. 

I do it for two reasons:

1.  To learn.  I learn about the person that I write.  How do they respond or do they respond at all?  Some I never hear back from, some respond with a quick acknowledgement letter, and others actually spend a few minutes writing a nice, thoughtful note.

2.  To remove limitations.  I lived too long with self imposed limitations in my life.  Often we feel that we are not good enough or rich enough or whatever enough to associate or interact with people of celebrity status.  If we don't feel good enough, maybe we're not.  Now I am.

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  1. Dan, you are too kind putting me in your list... you are my Zen moment celebrity. Your posts always seem to come to me just when I need them most.

  2. So how do you feels when the celebrities writes a sweet not for you and what do you do with that note exactly ?

    Thanks for this article to let me understand that celebrities also cares and response if you are talking about them.

    1. @Robinsh, I'm not sure I understand the question, but I'll answer what I think you're asking.
      When a celebrity or popular writer takes the time to acknowledge my question or comment then I typically feel justified in continue to follow their article, music, or whatever. They seem dedicated to actually touching and reaching people. I don't necessarily make a snap judgement when they don't return a message, maybe they are too busy or are unavailable at the time. I will say though that most of the celebrities mentioned in this post do and have taken the time to respond back to my messages.


  3. Yes you are Dan ~ good enough. Better than that actually.

    Love Elle

  4. Hi Dan,

    What a great practice. One of the things I want to work on in 2013 is engaging with more people, and this seems a great way to become more comfortable putting myself out there, and maybe learn a few things along the way.