Questions to ask daily

I've learned and forgotten many lessons in my life.  I've hit bottoms, found healing, found answers, and pulled myself up only to get lazy or forget the lessons learned.  In an effort to ensure that I don't lose my way any longer I've developed a few systems.  One of those systems is to have a list of questions that I ask myself daily.

1.  What are my intentions today?  Look at this one from every side.  What do I hope to accomplish and do these goals align with my overall purpose?

2.  Am I being honest?  There are several aspects to this question as well.  Am I being honest with myself?  Am I being honest to others?  Am I proud of what I am doing?

3.  Am I taking care of myself?  Am I eating healthy?  Am I getting enough rest?  Am I spending enough time with myself through meditation or other quiet time?

4.  Am I living up to my potential?  Am I being creative?  Am I using my time wisely?  Have I analyzed my plan of action to see if it is effective?  Am I adding value?

5.  Am I being spiritual (in my own way)?  Am I in touch with who I really am?  Do I take the time to acknowledge what I am grateful for?  Do I know what I stand for?  Am I contributing to making the world ( or my world ) a better place?

Make your own list similar to this one.  Review it at least weekly, if not daily.  You will still have good days and bad days, but if you use your list of questions and stay honest with yourself then you will find that you don't stray too far off course.

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  1. I love this. Sharing on facebook with all my overwhelmed moms at Mommacan

  2. This is a great list. It will also help with every choice we make. For example, if I'm choosing what to eat, I can remind myself of the self care question and ask which choice is aligned with self care. If I'm about to say something, I can ask myself whether what I'm about to say is aligned with honesty. A few very simple questions like you have offered will help us navigate all the choices we make through the day. Thank you.

  3. Love the question... I would add... Am I OPEN?

    I tend to get so focused on a task that I miss opportunities along the way, or I neglect others around me. Asking this helps me to remain flexible.

  4. great list: staff to be kept in mind all the time.thank you.