51 Great Ways to Relieve Stress

    1. Breathe deeply, feel your chest expand and contract.
    2. Shake some one's hand.
    3. Give someone close a massage.
    4. See the humor in life. Read a joke, watch a comedy.  Laugh out loud.
    5. Meditate for 15 minutes or more.  It generally takes at least 10 minutes for the mind to settle and tensions to start to fade.
    6. Make a journal or diary entry.  Empty your troubles onto the page.
    7. Cry if you feel like it.  Crying is your body's natural way to release stress and rid of toxins.
    8. Tell someone if you are angry.  Don't keep it bottled up.  Tactfully express your feelings.
    9. Tell someone you love them.  Don't assume that they know.  You'll feel better and so will they.
    10. Write down your worries.  List them, make a plan, and let them go.
    11. Spend time outdoors.  Being outdoors lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and helps to provide an overall feeling of well-being.
    12. Ask yourself "What if everything goes well?" Quit being pessimistic.
    13. Neaten up your surroundings.  Clutter increases anxiety.
    14. Live in the moment.  Now is all that exists. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
    15. Eat something healthy.  Eat mindfully appreciating each bite.
    16. Take out the trash or wash dishes.  Accomplishing menial tasks brings on a feeling of well being.
    17. Say no to someone.  Don't over-commit.
    18. Avoid doing any one thing to excess.  Even fun things bring on guilt and stress when over done.
    19. Dress up.  Look good - feel good.
    20. Recycle.  Do a good deed.
    21. Help someone.  Helping others reduces stress and gives a sense of purpose.
    22. Take a day off.  Give yourself a day for enjoyment. 
    23. Give to a charity. Feel good about yourself.
    24. Make a grateful list. List everything that brings joy to your life.
    25. Sing out loud. 
    26. Make a list of your greatest accomplishments. Give yourself credit for what you have achieved in life.
    27. Call an old friend and say hello.
    28. Try something new, something small at first. Expanding your world gives a sense of ability and accomplishment.
    29. Forgive yourself. Realize that you've done the best you knew how at the time.
    30. Do strenuous exercise. Exercise is good for stress relief and a sense of healthiness.
    31. Read a short story.
    32. Listen to music. Play your favorite song.
    33. Stretch. Reach for the sky. Twist your body in ways you've never done. Feel your aliveness.
    34. Do something you believe in. Make a stand and feel good about it.
    35. Find the answer to a problem.  Research something that troubles you and find a solution.
    36. Smile at a total stranger.
    37. Do your job well.  Feel good about how you do what you do.
    38. Write a letter.  Surprise someone with a hand-written note.
    39. Take a nice warm bath.  Use bubble bath, bath salts, or whatever makes you feel special.
    40. Drink a cup of warm decaffeinated tea.  Savor each swallow.
    41. Spend time with friends. Surround yourself with people that make you happy.
    42. Sit in the sun.  Face the sun and feel the warmth spread through you, relieving all of your tension.
    43. Refrain from gossip.  Gossip brings a short sense of thrill, but is often followed with guilt, regret, and stress.
    44. Make a list prioritizing your values.  A sense of self and purpose relieves stress.
    45. Treat yourself with a piece of chocolate.  Chocolate is healthy and provides a sense of well being.
    46. Stroke or play with a pet.
    47. Encourage someone that needs it.  Be positive with others and feel good about yourself.
    48. Roll in the grass. Roll around like a kid until you feel young again.
    49. Fantasize.  Imagine your greatest fantasy. Make it real.
    50. Play a game.  Be a child again and have fun.
    51. Have sex.  Sex is one of nature's greatest stress relievers.
Please add any suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. I wish I had this post yesterday when I was freaking out because I couldn't get my blog feed to work. Great list thanks.

  2. That's a great list and I'm sure I'll be checking back at it over the next year as I near the end of my PhD! Thanks :)

  3. Laughter is my number 1. Number 2 is having a good walk in the forest to clear my head. I also have a playlist of feel-good songs to de-stress. Another really important one for me is animals. Sometimes, I dance with my dogs. Now that's a destresser of the highest order!

  4. Dancing with dogs, didn't think of that one.


  5. Hi Dan,

    Really like your list. Stress can really overtake our lives. Depression and anxiety can often follow. I love - "Stroke or play with a pet." That always works for me. I find exercise is helpful as well. Thanks for a great post.

  6. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for reading.

    I visited your blog at www.treatmenttalk.org & it looks like you do great work.


  7. This was so fun to read! I feel happier already. Thanks for the post :)

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  8. Thanks for stopping by Katie. Your blog looks pretty cool.


  9. I've found that simplifying did a lot to eliminate chronic stress. I still have a bad day at work now and then, but, with less on my plate, I don't feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions at once.

  10. Great post! I believe you tip to help others is my favorite way to release stress.. everybody wins!

  11. This is a wonderful list, the simple pleasures of life!

  12. Woow,its so amazing to find out on this blog list in how many ways to distress our self.!! :-),,Thanks I really like it.,keep up the excellent blog work.

  13. Woow,its so amazing to find out on this blog list in how many ways to distress our self.!! :-),,Thanks I really like it.,keep up the excellent blog work.

  14. And..I do believe that this website will help other in many ways!!